I love the beach and the sight of the waves approaching the shore. Everything about me says that I should not do the beach. From my blonde hair and blue eyes to my extremely white skin. Every doctor I see immediately tells me I should not get out in the sun. I simply smile and nod, because I know I will. I love the warmth of it and the glow of it, but there is just something special about the beach, the sun, the wind, and the waves. That is why I always vacation where there is a beach.

I love to watch the waves as they build and then glide in towards shore. They’re not even. They’re higher at some points than others and have different forces. That’s why when they finally hit the shore they leave a different pattern. They are constantly bringing new things into the beach and taking things back out to the ocean. It is a never ending process. Sometimes it is gentle and at others it can be fierce!

Life comes at us like those waves. Some days it is calm and peaceful and we barely even notice as they gently bring new things into our life and slowly take away the unnecessary pieces one by one. We do not even notice as this natural process takes place. We consider it natural growth. Sometimes the winds pick up and there is a storm in our life and we feel thrashed and torn by the winds and the effects of the waves on our lives. Huge pieces of junk get pulled onto our “shores” that we have to deal with and then as normalcy returns we have to work along with the waves to restore the beauty that was once there. It may not ever be the same, but it does not mean that beauty will not return. Sometimes during these storms part of our shoreline gets taken away and we have to learn to live without it. Sometimes it is a piece that is easily done without while others it is one that seems insurmountable.

The times that seems the strangest to me are the ones when there doesn’t seem to be any waves at all. Everything is at peace. It is at these times you should be the most watchful because that is when you know something big is coming. This is when you are most likely to get blindsided and take your biggest hit.

We have been living in unusual times. Everyone has an opinion about what has been done and whether it was right or wrong. We can really only answer that individually because everyone’s situation is different.

Don’t be afraid of the waves…embrace them!!!

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