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Dating for me as a person with limited vision is hard.  I have this really tacky saying that men are stupid.  I know this is not completely true because you cannot speak in absolutes about any group of people.  I see examples of great men all around me.  I know there are some really great men out there, but I have to tell you since I live in a small town and there does not seem to be a whole lot of men to date I decided to give internet dating a try.

I thought I was being smart by going through Christian Mingle, but I have to tell you my experiences have me seriously questioning the platform and my sanity.  The first guy I met said ALL the right things.  He could quote scripture all day long and discuss them.  He made promises to me in God’s name...and then the other shoe dropped.  He asked for money.  A LOT OF MONEY!  I don’t know who had me confused with but that was laughable.  I know we are not supposed to judge people, but I pity this man for using God’s word and His name like that.  I am pretty sure God takes that very seriously.  The last guy I met told me he was in the military in Syria but he would be coming home soon.  I already had trust issues in this situation because I know that this is a situation where people often ask for money.  We “chatted” for about a week and he asks me for one thing...a picture in a frame.  I figure that is harmless.  Then on Christmas Eve this guy has the nerve to ask me to send him a cell phone.  Oh but don’t worry I’ll pay you back when I come back to the states. 

Now how exactly is that supposed to work? 

I’m just supposed to call up Verizon and say add another phone to my account and send it to Syria.  I simply did not respond.  Then he sends me a message Christmas Day wishing me a blessed day filled with sunshine.  Yeah let me send you a little sunshine buddy.  Do you think where I ignore him three days in a row he will get the message?  I already have trust issues and these two fools have done nothing to help that fact.

A friend gave me the best advice ever.  The next time you get the urge to talk to someone online pick up your Bible and read!  I want be fed any foolish lies that way.  I don’t know what God’s plans are for me, but I believe that he has something miraculous in store for me.

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