My relationship with make-up

One of my favorite parts of living with limited vision is the question of how to put on makeup when you do not see well. Good looks are held to a premium in today’s society. People do not hesitate to compliment you or tell you when you look bad. I have always been self conscious about my looks. Thankfully this has gotten better with time.

I love makeup – especially eyeshadow. I love to experiment with different looks, but I have a slight problem. Since my right eye is stronger than my left, the shadow on my left eye always looks darker than it does on the right. I always feel like I look lopsided. I keep waiting for the day when someone asks me if I prefer that side or something.

People are always amazed when they see me put on makeup.  Most people go and get in front of a mirror to apply theirs. Not me. I go and sit down on my couch and put my makeup on holding the mirror up as close to my face as I can possibly get it. My friends just laugh and shake their heads when they see this. It is just another one of the little things I do different with limited vision. 

Hey it works for me though and I am a firm believer in the mantra of "it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

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